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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To WEAR or not to WEAR!

You see this shoe here, its a classic. No no... its THE CLASSIC! There is no other shoe in the history of the world that has been so famous from the time of its invention until now. Constant fame and love. Thats classic.
Now, you see I'm a huge fan of these lovely Chuck Taylor Converses. I love them, and I hope to never have to get rid of them. I've had the same pair since my 9th grade year.
Anyways, here is the point I'm trying to get at. People, like me, TRUE lovers of converses, we WEAR converses... on the other hand there are "poser" converse wearers.
Now this might be hard to understand, but give it a shot. So, I wear converses... and they look OLD! They look worn out and .... real! Ya know what I'm saying!? And others... wear them and... just keep them nice! So.... ugh! It drives me nuts! I mean, to wear the Chuck Taylor shoe is a blessing in and of itself, but you have to really WEAR them! You cant just wear them for STYLE! NO! You have to wear them like a real shoe! Cause they are a real shoe! They are THE real shoe! UGH! You cant just wear them and keep them all nice and cute! They are meant for comfort and joy and running and swimming and running in mud! Come ON! Its killing me! And then people look at me like I'm nasty for having these old worn out shoes, and THEY are the poser converse wearers!
This will be the death of me.
I'm 80% sure it will be. If Katy Perry doesnt kill me first.
HAHAHA! Sigh... nice venting session... i'll get a pic of my shoes up here soon.
Hope you enjoyed reading that... now I have a new post :D yay!
Haha! Have a great day! and dont be a poser! :D
Hello friends and family... aka Kayla. I've been asked by ALL of our HUNDREDS of followers to make another post! so... i shall! i need to vent about something...