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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello! I just wanted to inform everyone (my 2 followers) that Shane and I found an apartment for next semester! YAY! "I got an apartment! i got an apartment! i got an apartment! hey hey hey hey!" that is all! night!


  1. Cute!!! isn't that weird to think that you will be living with a boy... HAHA! ohh the joys! Just kidding, it really is fun. but if he's anything like tyler and you are anything like me, He will HATE how much you shed (hair everywhere!!!) haha.

  2. Hey I read your blog you just don't post very often. Yea for finding a apartment. Yea for living with a boy.

  3. HEATHER! I didn't know you read it too :D haha I know i'm going to start posting more!
    Haha kayla, he said he has just as much to shed! HA!